“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates

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Arcadia Pilates is a fully-equipped boutique Pilates studio in Phoenix. Our classes are designed to optimally build strength and flexibility.¬† Continue reading “ABOUT US”

Many people can get certified to teach a Pilates class. Very few instructors bring the motivation, passion, technical insight and deep understanding of body mechanics that are essential to truly transforming your body and mindset. Arcadia Pilates has helped me rethink what my body is capable of, balance strength with endurance training, and greatly improve my overall performance.

Andrea A.

I fell in LOVE with Arcadia Pilates!! This little gem is a small space intended for personalized pilates sessions. Billie is really knowledgeable and she explains why a certain movement will build what muscle. She is great at motivating me to push harder, but keeps it light and fun!

Ashley S.

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